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Anita Butler

Anita Butler

Anita was first trained as a birth doula in 1992, and participated in a doula research project in 1993-1994. After focusing on her own family (which included two teenagers and a preschooler at the time) for the next few years, she then began pursuing this work in in earnest in 1998, assisting a licensed midwife in her homebirth practice.

During the following two years, she completed a significant amount of midwifery training, earned two childbirth education certifications, and doula certification (DONA). Then, suspending midwifery training, at least "for now," she turned her focus to teaching and birth doula work. Then in 2006, completed her Bachelor’s degree in Maternal/Child Health: Lactation Consulting.  She has been an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 2006.  “She earned her certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2013, and now offers private hypnotherapy services at her Roseville office. Finally, in 2015, she earned certification as a health coach, with a focus on the nutritional needs of childbearing women.

At this time, she considers herself honored to offer HypnoBirthing classes, private HypnoFertility sessions, in-home lactation consultations and postpartum doula services, and health coaching (by phone or skype).

Please inquire about her special “Premium Package” offerings: “Calling In Your Baby,” a six month program for those struggling to conceive or maintain a pregnancy, and “Creating a Birth You’ll Love to Remember,” for those who want continuity of care all they way through breastfeeding. These are comprehensive service packages, designed to support you through each stage of your journey into motherhood.

From a Satisfied Client of Anita Butler: 

"After working with two other lactation consultants, our birth doula, Jen, introduced us to Anita. I was extremely reluctant to work with another LC but Anita was truly a miracle worker! Within minutes of meeting our baby she immediately understood what our problems were. She was very reassuring that we would be able to successfully breastfeed and developed a plan of action. Within days it was like we had never had a problem! Since then Anita has continued to support and encourage me as needed. She has not only made feeding a pleasure but also helped me develop a strong bond with my baby. Thank you Anita!!!" - Anissa Mawer


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