If you’ve been blessed with a “new expectation,” now is the time to prepare your mind and body to give birth in a way you will love to remember! The next HypnoBirthing series will begin August 2, 2016, and concludes August 30. Classes will be held at Herself Moms, 3385 Lannatt Street, 95819, and run from 7:00-9:30pm (or so). For more information or to sign up, call or email Anita now at (916) 524-1080 or anita@my3doulas.com.

HypnoBirthing® is as much a philosophy of birth as it is a technique for achieving a satisfying, relaxing, and stress-free method of birthing.

This amazing program teaches you, along with your birthing companion, the art and joy of experiencing birth in a more comfortable manner. You will learn how to call upon your body’s own natural relaxant and thus lessen, or even eliminate, discomfort and the need for medication. When a woman is properly prepared for childbirth and when mind and body are in harmony, Nature is free to function in the same well-designed manner that it does with all other creatures.

HypnoBirthing® is a series of five weekly classes each approximately 2 1/2 hours long. Occasionally, I offer a two-full-day series to accommodate those traveling long distances or those very close to their estimated due date. Everything you need is included: Textbook/cd set, Rainbow Relaxation CD, healthy snacks, and all supplemental handouts and resources, and either a private hypnotherapy session (50 minutes) OR a HypnoMothering class (2.5 hours, small group).

You will be fascinated as you view HypnoBirthing® films, showing laboring mothers, awake, alert and in good humor as they experience the kind of gentle birth that you, too, can know when you are free of the fear that causes tension and pain. HypnoBirthing® teaches you to release all prior programming about birth, how to trust your body and work with it, as well as how to free yourself of harmful emotions that lead to pain-causing fear and unyielding muscles.

HypnoBirthing® will teach you the art of using your own natural birthing instincts. With HypnoBirthing®, you will not be in a trance or a sleep state. You will be aware and fully in control, but profoundly relaxed.

You will learn:

  • Everything you need to know to achieve a safer, easier and more comfortable birth
  • To explode the myth that pain is a necessary accompaniment to labor
  • What's wrong with labor as presented with many other childbirth methods
  • Techniques of deep relaxation to help you eliminate the "Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome"
  • How your body is designed to conceive, nurture and birth your baby with ease and comfort
  • How you and your birthing companion can create a birthing environment that is calm, serene, and joyful rather than tense and stressful.


For more detail or to read testimonials of HypnoBirthing® families, go to www.hypnobirthing.com.

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