Jennifer DeLugach


Jennifer is a nurturing caregiver with a passion for helping families during the childbearing year. She is a RN licensed since 1999 with experience as a postpartum and well-baby nurse, childbirth educator, midwife assistant, and as the mother of 3 almost grown children. Jennifer has a bachelor of science in Biological Sciences from UC Davis and she completed her preflicensure nursing education at UCSF. She was an ICEA certified childbirth educator until 2006. In 2011 Jennifer enhanced her education with the lactation educator counselor certification (CLEC) from UCSD. She is currently working towards her postpartum doula certification from DONA international and volunteers for the Sacramento Breastfeeding Coalition. Jennifer thoroughly enjoys supporting family members with a variety of lifestyles, parenting styles, and breastfeeding goals as they connect and bond with their new baby(ies) and with each other during this special and sensitive time.

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Satisfied client of Jennifer's

"During the time that I was working with Jennifer I was still trying to help my small for gestational age preemie baby learn how to nurse. My baby had gotten used to bottles while in the NICU and had received formula supplementation from birth. By 8 weeks old she had only nursed successfully 10 times, and we were both very frustrated. Jennifer was very encouraging of my breastfeeding efforts, and gave hands-on assistance several times. By the time baby was 8 weeks old I had worked with several lactation consultants, in addition to Jennifer and decided to accept that I was going to pump and bottle feed rather than breastfeed. Jennifer was a huge help to me in dealing with my guilt over this decision, and I felt that the encouragement and approval of my efforts to give my baby breastmilk helped me give myself permission to do what I felt was best for my well-being as well as my baby's." ~Kelly


Jennifer can be reached at:
(916) 934-2511