Ruth Lundsten


Ruth has been a certified birth doula since 2010.  She attended birth doula training through Childbirth Education Specialists and received her birth doula certification from DONA International.  In 2013, she attended the Midwife Assistant Workshop at The Farm Midwifery Center in Tennessee with Ina May Gaskin.

She has attended home births and hospital births; twin births, VBAC births, Cesarean births, medicated and unmedicated births.  She is very passionate about birth and helping women and their partners achieve the birth that they desire.  Birth is a loving, intimate and empowering event that Ruth feels honored to be invited to.  She will guide, support and nurture you throughout your labor and delivery and looks forward to sharing in the miracle of your birth with you; one that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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Satisfied client of Ruth's: 

“Ruth Lundsten was my doula for the birth of my daughter on September 4, 2010. Having a doula present at the birth was one of the best choices I made and Ruth was perfect for the job.

Being able to meet with Ruth before the actual delivery was amazing. Not only were we able to discuss my birth plan but we really got to know each other. Ruth has a kind and gentle way about her and an optimistic point of view that really made me believe in me. She gave me some tips on how to prepare for delivery and was really ready and able to educate me about the process of child birth and help me understand what to expect.

During labor Ruth was able to keep me calm and focused. Most of the time she was her gentle self but during those times when I needed a little extra push, Ruth really was there for me, doing whatever necessary to bring me back. She was able to explain to me any of the doctor’s concerns and at times where interventions were needed/wanted Ruth really helped me make the choices that were right for me.

Ruth was also able to capture amazing photos that would have not been possible to capture without her there. I now have photo memories of one of the most incredible experiences of my life. That really means a lot.

Ruth really helped my birth experience be what I wanted it to be. I could not imagine ever having another baby without a doula, and the only doula I would choose would be Ruth.”

~ Juliana – minimal intervention, no epidural, VBAC


Ruth can be reached at:
(916) 718-8826