Carmen Oates



Carmen believes birth is transformational. It is an experience families carry with them all of their lives.  Carmen carefully listens to mothers as they share their hopes, fears, dreams and goals for birth.  She is an inspired witness of their journey from fear to confidence, doubt to trust, expectation to realization.  Carmen is passionate about supporting women in childbirth and captivated by the miracle of new life. It changes all of us.

Carmen is from Managua, Nicaragua.  Her family immigrated to San Francisco in the late 1970's.  Through her family’s challenges, she learned the power of supporting and being supported by others.  She comes from a family of strong, creative and resilient women who have inspired her to love people.

Carmen earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Santa Clara University and a master’s degree from the Wheaton College Graduate School where she studied spiritual formation. She has given birth to babies in hospitals and at home. Her personal birth experiences have taught her to be open and compassionate.

Carmen's certifications include: DONA certified birth doula, Rebozo certified.  She has also completed Hypnodoula training with Hypnobabies.  She is experienced in supporting hospital and home births, and provides wisdom and support for whatever setting you choose.  Carmen is a native Spanish speaker and is experienced in supporting Spanish speaking families in their childbirth journey. 

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Satisfied customer of Carmen's

"When my birth plan went out the window and I ended up with an emergency c-section of our twins at 32 weeks, Carmen was a saving grace for me. She met us in recovery because she wasn't allowed in the OR, and from there she was the only steady presence with me while I recovered for the hours after birth (my husband spent most of the time with our boys in the NICU). She prayed with me (it was a really scary time), massaged my back and feet, and talked with me about the birth. Her emotional support was invaluable during that time, as well as after when I was diagnosed with PPD... I don't think the day my boys were born would have been as beautiful as it was without her. Love you, Carmen!" ~Cori



Carmen can be reached at:
(916) 849-9215